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Palo Santo Holly Wood Sticks


Palo Santo

Palo Santo, also known as Holly Wood, is a species of tree that grows in South America, especially in Peru. The specific scent of the tree is a mixture of pine, mint, and lemon.

For centuries Palo Santo is used for spiritual purification, and energy cleansing. To enhance clarity and concentration, to inspire creativity & good fortune.

It is perfect partner for meditation practice. Clears negative energy, allows to discover peace and groundedness to sink into a deeper connection to inner consciousness.

Palo Santo is believed to have incredible benefits such as physical healing. Is used to treat colds, flus, anxiety, depression, asthma, bronchitis, headaches, and emotional trauma.

How to use:
Light the stick at a 45-degree angle. Allow it to catch the flame and let the stick burn for a minute or so, before blowing it out. Visualise your intentions and fill your space with sacred smoke. Restore peace and calm. Enjoy the uplifting and positive effect.

When finished, place the stick in a fireproof bowl of metal, glass, or clay. Always use caution and respect when working
with fire.

***Never leave burning sticks unattended***Keep away from children and pets****

Sticks can be re-used many times.

Each set contains approx. 5-6 sticks, 50 grams

Please note, that this is a natural product- sizes & colours may vary.

*Ethically sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly harvested