Sintra Naturals

Exotic Hair and Scalp Repair Oil


Elements of nature can destroy the hair and scalps natural defences and make them vulnerable for all kinds of ailments like dry and itchy scalp,split ends,hair fall,grey hair at young age,flaky scalp and dandruff.

And to top it over using excessive chemical loaded hair products and colouring damage the hair furthur and strip it of its natural oils making coarse ,dull and hay like structure.

Excessive styling like blow drying and ironing and perming also cause significant damage to hair .Massaging with warm oil is one of the best treatment we can do at least once a month to reverse the damage.

SESAMEOIL: The main base oil sesame works wonders for the scalp ,due to its occlusive properties sesame oil gives extreme moisture to the scalp and helps in clearing dandruff and dry and itchy scalp.

BLACK SEED OIL: This wonder oil is like the worlds best kept secret when it comes to hair care ,helps to neutralize the damages caused by the free radicals and helps to control hair fall.

ONION SEED OIL: The most underrated super oil which is rich in sulphur helps in preventing breakages ,split ends and thinning of hair is even believed it can control baldness .We use deodorised onion seed oil so that we get all the goodness but not the pungent smell.

GREEN COFFEE BEAN OIL: green coffee oil is amazing in treating alopecia especially female baldness

Ingredients: Sesamum indicum seed oil,Nigella sativa seed oil,Allium cepa seed oil,Coffea arabica seed oil,Piper nigrum seed oil.