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Day Pad Plus Reusable Sanitary Pad- Tropical biome


Modern, Ultra-thin Washable Cloth sanitary pads for a heavy flow.

Don’t let your heavy period put you off! Our Day Plus pad is just as absorbent as a disposable sanitary pad, without the plastic and chemicals. They feel just like an extension of your underwear and feature a super wicking, hypoallergenic, stay-dry top fabric to keep you feeling fresh and dry. A high-tech blend of eco textiles ensures that the pad is highly absorbent and the leakproof backing ensures complete peace of mind against leaks.

For the best fit wear a snug-fitting pair of bikini or high leg style underwear, boys shorts made out of lycra or other stretch fabrics work to. Change every four hours or as needed. Simply place the printed cotton label side down against your underwear and wrap the wings around and snap together.

Paying for single-use sanitary pads, pantyliners and tampons every month quickly adds up. There’s a better way! Costing less than the average mascara or t-shirt, our modern cloth sanitary pads will pay for themselves in just two-four months on average. And with good care, they can last for years whilst being kind to your body, the planet and supporting ethical UK manufacturing. It’s a no-brainer right!

10 inches length
2.5 inches wide when snapped.

Key features:

  • Ultra wicking top fabric to keep you feeling fresh and dry.
  • Specially designed to contour your body for a comfortable fit.
  • Ultra-thin so they won’t show through your clothes.
  • Blacktop fabric so you don’t have to worry about stains any more.
  • Manufactured in the UK with high-quality eco fabrics that are free from harsh chemicals.
  • Lifetime warranty on snaps.

Modern, Ultra-thin washable Cloth sanitary pads for a heavy flow. Construct it from a high-tech blend of eco fabrics.
100% cotton, polyurethane, polyester, bamboo Viscose, cotton, organic cotton.
Snaps Oekotex Certified.

Wash before use.

Simply wash with other laundry at 30/40 c in mesh laundry bag without fabric softener and hang dry. Making the switch to cloth sanitary pads can be an upfront investment that’s why we’ve comprised a handy washing guide here so that you get the most out of your cloth sanitary pads and keep them looking like new.

Your purchase helps to build a brighter future for girls and women facing period poverty