The Balance Planet

Bamboo Toothbrush Pack of 4 -Soft Bristles - White

Did you know that over 5 billion plastic toothbrushes are dumped in landfills and oceans every year worldwide?

Bamboo toothbrush handles take six months to compost, while a plastic one takes hundreds of years.

The Balance Planet Bamboo toothbrush is a perfect and sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrush. Made of fast-growing sustainable bamboo

Bamboo is the world’s fastest naturally renewing resource, which is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

By making the swap you will reduce plastic waste and make a big step to save our planet from plastic pollution.

• Ethically sourced, Cruelty free
• 100% biodegradable and decomposable
• Non-toxic, BPA Free Soft Bristles
• Vegan friendly
• Naturally antiseptic

Recommended use is 3 months - like any other old plastic toothbrush

Plastic free packaging / high quality design / Pack of 4 / White or black bristles available